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Kanye West Apologises Live On The Jay Leno Show

Ive been speaking to a few of my boys about this and one in particular was convinced that kanye wasnt in the wrong!! & he was merely stating what everyone was thinking… & showing how these awards are fixed & over political… i dont really agree i think he was in the wrong……But before i carry on…. One thing i dont understand is how Can beyonce Win BEST VIDEO…. But then Doesnt Win BEST FEMALE VIDEO? If her video Was Also in that Category…. Surely It Makes Sense If You Win Best VIDEO & Your a Female…. Its Inevitable You Will Win BEST FEMALE VIDEO ASWELL…… Ya feel me???

So ss i was sayin though.. Right or wrong!! Kanye is human… people need to chill…he’s now apologised so let it rest & if you ask me… Taylor Swift came out 1000000 times better out of this… as far as im concerned Kanye Made her famous… Her albums sales have already shot up! & shes 100000 times more popular now!!

But Anyway… Check out the vid below to see Kanye Apologise on the Jay Leno Show!

Kanye West Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s Taylor Swift Live On Stage @ The MTV VMA’s!!!

Kanye 7 Amber On The Red Carpet @ The MTV VMA's 2009

Kanye & Amber On The Red Carpet @ The MTV VMA's 2009

Kanye is actually tooooooo much…. Taylor Swift wins the award for best Video how can he jump on stage while she’s doing her speech and interrupts her and says “Im really Happy For You But Beyonce had One Of The Best Video’s Of ALL Time”……The way Taylor is left standing there speechless after that!!!

Check Out The Vid For The Full Footage!!!

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