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Soulja Boy Arrested….


Rap star Soulja Boy was arrested in Georgia last week Wednesday night after authorities say he ran from a police officer.  According to a police spokesperson, an officer got a call about juveniles hanging out at an abandoned house in the Henry County area.  Cops say when the officer rolled up to the home, he saw some women walking towards the yard and asked them to stop — but when they didn’t, he followed them into the yard.

The officer says when he walked inside, he saw roughly 40 people in the yard — and when they saw the cop, half of the people immediately booked it out of the home, including 19-year-old Soulja Boy.

Drake And Trey Songz On The Video Set For “Successful”

I know this tracks been on repeat on alot of peoples Ipods for a Hot minute now….

Drake And Trey Songz On The Video Set For “Successful”

Soulja Boy – (No Homo)

Below are some pics Soulja Boy Posted up on his Twitter……..Reallllllyyyyy What Was he thinking????  No Comment



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