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Jay Z – Blueprint 3 Rhapsody Advert (HD)

Jay Z is a Machine…… The promo for Blueprint 3 Just wont stop….. This advert is showing the levelssssss!!

The way he goes through all of his previous album covers is genius…..

Rhianna On The Cover Of Vogue Magazine…

What do you think of the pics? For me Rhianna may have to just stop this whole singing ting & do modelling full time! Thats obviously where her real talents lie….. lol










Myself & Jigga!

Myself & Jigga!

The full video will be released this Thursday… Jay Z’s going harddddd on the promo….He flew out to the UK a few weeks back on the promo run he then teased the world with the leaked single, then he dropped the album and now this!! What a way to build the anticipation of the album.

Click Below For The Video… Remember Album Released 11th September!

BRAND NEW Music From Chris Brown

Do you think the public has forgiven Chris yet???

He’s slowly tryna get his career back on track…he’s out in the media alot more.. He released that apology…. Him & rhianna are supposedly back together & now theres been a few leaked tracks from his upcoming album ‘Grafitti’


Check em out below…

Did Chris Brown & Rhianna Break The Law?

Taken From BET


The New York Post reports that unidentified hotel sources claim Chris Brown and Rihanna both checked into the Trump International Hotel & Tower on the same day.

The sources claim the two singers are staying in separate rooms since Friday’s check-in and have been transported to and from the site in separate chauffeured vehicles.

Now, if you keep up with the news, then you know this sort of thinking falls in line with the short yellow bus school of thought.

Chris Brown was ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times unless they both attend a music industry event. At such events, Chris would be required to remain 10 yards apart.

The judge also told Rihanna that she had better keep her distance from her alleged attacker, too, or that’s her ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

So if this news is true then it means both of them are hard of hearing and are subject to being penalized – which wouldn’t be a good thing for a guy on federal probation.

Ya’ll can call it two crazy kids in love, but I look at this (if legit) as two fools breaking the low.

Two megastars are going to be spotted, especially at a trendy hotel in NYC.

So if they were hanging out and broke the judges orders, Chris better get ready to do the ‘Uh Oh’ dance for his cellmate while Rihanna can look forward to learning all about the latest prison fashions.

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