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Mel B’s One Hour Workout!!

Ladies… if theres one Fitness Workout DVD you are planning on buying this year… Theres only one (Mel B’s) I would recommend if it meant ur body turned out like this!!! lol


Ive seen a few pics of Mel B looking Over WEDGE recently… but this pic shes looking very feminine…

Here are Mel’s tips on how to get that body!! Ladies Pay Attention!!

Mel’s One Hour Gym Workout:

Run on the treadmill for 25-30 minutes, alternating two minutes of walking and three minutes of sprinting, for up to thirty minutes.

For the remaining 30 minutes of the workout, alternate work on your doing arms one day and your legs the next.

I use weights on my arms. I do rows – three different types: bicep curls, arm circles and pull-backs. Do 15 repetitions of each using 8kg weights

Legs: I do a mixture of classic squats and tighter squats – where you stand with legs further apart and just lightly bounce up and down.

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