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Kano – More Than One Way (Video)

Brand new from Kano…. Not sure if i’m feeling this one… seems like a grower though…

Click the video below….

Kano – Rock N Rolla (Video)

It seems everyone on this electro thing….. Tinchy, N Dubz, Wiley, Skepta…. Now its Kano’s turn….

I am feelin this track still.. its got alot of potential….. I hope it does alot for Kano!!

*Brand New* Kano – Rock n Roll

Has Kano still got it? Or has he fell off?? I think he got inspiration slyly from Dizzee with the dance/electro sound…. I thought Jigga said Autotune was Dead??? Obviously Kano didnt hear that!! lol….

This singles out in october…

Click below to check out the track

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