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Jay Z Vs The Game….

Yesterday theres was a clip of Jay z live on stage in Las Vegas &  he spat an acapella freestyle which is supposedly going to be the intro track for his forthcoming album Blueprint 3 during the free style he says the line…

“I aint talking about profit,  im talking about Pain, Im talking about the spear, Im talkin about shame, I aint talking about Gossip, i aint talking about GAME, I aint talking about jimmy I aint talking about Dame… Im talking about REAL SHIT”

To me it sounds like an indirect towards the Game, Jimmy & Damon Dash…. and I think The Game feels so too he even put out a question to his fans on twitter!!  Well u knw the GAME so it was only a matter of time before he responded!! So while on tour in France yesterday  he started by saying “I aint coming to play games, F*ck Jay Z”  and then went on by making the crowd chant “F*ck Jay Z”

Check the clips below for the footage of both the attacks!!

Im still waiting for the reply from Jigga!!



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