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I know the free mason conspiracy theorists are going to go crazy over this vid….. This personally was one of my favourite tracks off the album……

Jay Z – Blueprint 3 Rhapsody Advert (HD)

Jay Z is a Machine…… The promo for Blueprint 3 Just wont stop….. This advert is showing the levelssssss!!

The way he goes through all of his previous album covers is genius…..

Fabolous Ft. Jay-Z – When The Money Goes (Official Video)

Fabolous has to be one of my favourite Rappers… His new Album Loso’s way is on REPEAT on the ipod!!

check out the ne Vid below…

Jay Z’s First Single From Blueprint 3

Its OFFICIAL this is going to be the first single of Jay Z’s Highly anticipated Blueprint 3 album, before there was rumours he was going to release a track he had made with Drake as the first single but has now changed his mind & will be releasing this one first!!

50 Cent To Take On Jay-Z in September 11th Album Battle!

50 Cent is reportedly set to release his new album Before I Self Destruct on the same day as Jay-Z‘s highly anticipated Blueprint 3.

A G-Unit insider allegedly leaked Fif’s plan to take on Jigga this fall.

If reports are accurate, the Roc Nation President can expect a future SoundScan ambush from fellow East Coast rapper, 50 Cent According to reports, Fif plans to drop his fourth album Before I Self Destruct on the same day as Jay’s highly anticipated Blueprint 3.

50 Cent - 'Before I Self Destruct' Out September 11th

50 Cent - 'Before I Self Destruct' Out September 11th

Jay z - Blueprint 3 Released Septemeber 11th

Jay z - Blueprint 3 Out On Septemeber 11th

This will be a Very interesting battle… but i do think Jigga Will outsell 50 on this one!! Whats your thoughts?

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