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First things first…. got to shout out SBTV he’s established himself as one of the top UK urban videographer’s!!

Heres my Top 3 F64’s So far…. I haven’t watched them all… but out of all the F64 freestyles i have to say these are my TOP 3 If you disagree….. Tell me something!!!!!

p.s For all those that dont know…. F64 Stands for Fresh 64 – meaning 64 Bars and they are usually specifically written for the purpose of the video…..

3.S.A.S – Mega & Mayhem – These guys have been around for a hot minute…. used to be Dipset…. I ain’t really heard anything from them for a while even though i know there pushing alot of things out there on the streets… But this freestyle has made me pay attention once again!

2. BASHY: if you follow my blog you should already know Bashy’s one of my favourite artist’s and this freesstyle just reaffirms why!! But…… i do have to say….. & any music connoisseur will also clock that his flow on this one is slyly very similar to Drake a Lil waynes flows…

Check the Vid Below..


Say no more…. Dont care how arrogant or cheeky he is….. You cant deny talent…..

New Noel Clark Movie…. (Uncensored)

This teaser points to one thing….. Box Office Smash!!!!

The England 10 – She Likes to

She Likes To (The England 10)

Wiley Feat J2K, Wrigley, Ice-Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk and Griminal

07 SEPT 2009

Click below To See Full video….Who do you think has the best lyrics on this one?

Bashy Ft H Boogie – Your Wish Is My Command

This video is very different…. But does that make it a good thing??? What do u guys think of this one?

Click the vid below to check it out!!

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