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Barack Obama Mocks Donald Trump In White House Speech..

Im not really into politics all that much but after watching this speech it confirms how mush of a ‘G’ president Obama is….

Heres the story: Businessman Mogul and US apprentice Star Donald Trump had questioned whether President Obama was actually born in the United States, leading to Obama’s home state Hawaii releasing his full birth certificate to proove he is born in the United States.

SO in this speech Obama mocks Donald Trump & takes the p*ss out of him!!

Lethal B Wins £10,000 On A Horse..

Well, i don’t condone gambling…… but 10 grand on a horse!!!!!

Thats a lot of money mannnnn!!

How NOT To Chat Up A Girl….

Big up Uncle A Dot….. show you guys out there what your doing wrong!!

Funny ish!!

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

Im guessing this is a bit of a piss take but i know its very real for some people!! And i cant even lie my mum try add me to facebook about a month ago…. But Boy Better Know That request is still pending!! lmao!

Shank The Movie – Trailer & Theme Song Ft Bashy

Check out the official theme song for Shank the movie…

Check out the trailer… it looks very serious…. I will be reaching my local odeon or maybe Vue cinema when this drops…. March 26th….

New Noel Clark Movie…. (Uncensored)

This teaser points to one thing….. Box Office Smash!!!!

Showtime Pr Presents Netmaster Show

Big up my boy Nik Showtime…. Setting the levels from early….. This is a brand new show… let me know what you think!!!

This is showtime’s first offical internet show! What a way to start if the year 2010! On the show we have the likes of Bashy, Donaeo, Young Nate, Nu Brand Flexx, Ghetts & Griminal. Also including Rob Bradley (Spartan from the GLADIATORS)….Their will be plenty more and fedback Welcome

Click the video Below..

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