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Big up Cosmic & Fatz….. Download seminar 4 if you haven’t already…

Tribal Magz – Tribal Man Skank Official Video (HD) Out 25th January

Big Up my boy Tribal Magz… This original of this tune has been destroying clubs for a HOT minute… he’s now got an electro remake of the club smash… im feeling the effects on the vid….

Click below to view the vid…

Rudimental Ft Natalie May – Sexy Sexy

Big up my boy Darka & the whole rudimental family….


i’m not gonna lie…. i didnt think Gracious had it in him!!! But he’s surprised me with this one!! a nice lil anthem… with a lot of potential!! I know me and alot of other people were thinking that we were going to get maybe another Skank tune from Mr Migraine skank!! but i gotta give to him…. He came hard on the follow up!!

Whats your thoughts people????

KIG Ft Wiley – Rollin’ (Video)

I know alot of people say KIG are one hit wonders… But i think they may have come up with a very good follow up track… they enlisted the help of the grime godfather Wiley on the hook… Check out the video its alot still….

Mista Bee Vs Drake ft Trey Songz – Replacement Girl – Bee’z Refix

PIK N MIX’s Mista Bee Has Done it again!! Check out his replacement girl remix!!!!Massiveeeeee

The Problem With Funky House……..

People Actually believe they can make tracks like this….& put it out there…..i also doubt they had permission from the producer of the track Ill Blue….. If i hear any of my fellow DJ’s play this in a club…….. Boyyyyyyyyyyy Let me Just Say No More…

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