Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!


First things first…. got to shout out SBTV he’s established himself as one of the top UK urban videographer’s!!

Heres my Top 3 F64’s So far…. I haven’t watched them all… but out of all the F64 freestyles i have to say these are my TOP 3 If you disagree….. Tell me something!!!!!

p.s For all those that dont know…. F64 Stands for Fresh 64 – meaning 64 Bars and they are usually specifically written for the purpose of the video…..

3.S.A.S – Mega & Mayhem – These guys have been around for a hot minute…. used to be Dipset…. I ain’t really heard anything from them for a while even though i know there pushing alot of things out there on the streets… But this freestyle has made me pay attention once again!

2. BASHY: if you follow my blog you should already know Bashy’s one of my favourite artist’s and this freesstyle just reaffirms why!! But…… i do have to say….. & any music connoisseur will also clock that his flow on this one is slyly very similar to Drake a Lil waynes flows…

Check the Vid Below..


Say no more…. Dont care how arrogant or cheeky he is….. You cant deny talent…..

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