Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

YES!! im gna take it there…..

Before you comment on this debate… You Have to watch the video below…. No lie this vid brought back some real memories… nt gna lie… backkkkkkkk in the day i started as a Grime DJ But Now Im An Entertainer 🙂 lololol!!  big up my Crew Back Then (Young Hoodz) But Anyway…. This reminds me so much of the grime sets i used to have in my bedroom! about 30 man Up (No Homo) everyone spitting 8 bars Or 16’s Trying to get that reload… Or pull Up….. So My question is The funky House/House/Tribal/UK Funky music revolution or is it just a fancy way of saying Grime evolved?? Is it basically a repackaged Version of Grime so it can be allowed to be played in clubs again? Or is it completely different genre and doesn’t have anything to do with grime??

Whats your thoughts??

Comments on: "Funky House? UK Funky? Or Really is it Just Grime Evolved" (1)

  1. for that fact that grime needs MC’s I will say that funky is something else

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