Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

Just seen this online!!! This is Going to change The DJ Game once again…..

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Turntable was revolutionary when it launched because it was among the first devices to mimic vinyl turntables without the vinyl. Now,  Pioneer CDJ -2000 upgraded and equipped with a huge, 6.1-inch screen, the CDJ-2000 wants to up the ante.


The screen is able to display song info, album art, wave data and other advanced song info. In addition to the WQVGA screen (480×234), the CDJ-2000 brings a number of enhancements over its predecessor. For starters, it has a touch-sensitive area called the “Needle Pad,” which lets users jump to a specific song point with the flick of a finger. Secondly, the turntables can now act as a MIDI controller for other devices, with all of its 35 buttons at the ready for musical manipulation. Lastly, it comes equipped with Pioneer’s “Pro DJ Link,” which lets you plug and external data source into one turntable, and access that data on any other CDJ-2000 turntable linked up to the system.


The crux of the update rests upon Pioneer’s new rekordbox technology which, in plain speak, is a management software system for your music. CD, DVD and SD memory cards can be hooked up to the device, but the key point that is likely to pique DJs’ interest is the ability to connect a USB storage device, which essentially acts as your record box. Another interesting development is the Pro DJ Link system which enables you to send the files from your central USB or SD device out to up to four other players over an LAN cable.






Comments on: "FAO DJ’s: BRAND NEW PIONEER CDJ 2000’s RELEASED NOV 09" (1)

  1. pioneer cdj-2000 en pioneer nu uit voorraad leverbaar bij evsound. Evsound heeft een ruime voorraad. Levering binnen Belgie is volledig gratis

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