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Kanye 7 Amber On The Red Carpet @ The MTV VMA's 2009

Kanye & Amber On The Red Carpet @ The MTV VMA's 2009

Kanye is actually tooooooo much…. Taylor Swift wins the award for best Video how can he jump on stage while she’s doing her speech and interrupts her and says “Im really Happy For You But Beyonce had One Of The Best Video’s Of ALL Time”……The way Taylor is left standing there speechless after that!!!

Check Out The Vid For The Full Footage!!!

Comments on: "Kanye West Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s Taylor Swift Live On Stage @ The MTV VMA’s!!!" (1)

  1. hey every kanye west is still a human creature too whay you treat him like an animal lets try to understand that we are human and me make mistakes in this world just ask ur self a question are u living a pure life,its so uncool people i know u all taking adverntage of the worlds said by obama that kanye is a jackass but but he apologised to that lady so what cant u forgive him he didnt kill anyone hes someones child like u we make mistakes no body is perfect kanye i love u man get batter i know GOD IS WITH U IN EACH AN EVERY DAY I WILL PRAYE FOR U MAN

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