Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

Hey guys!! i know ive been a bit quiet on my blog last couple days or so…. I’ve been OVER busy.. & the last few days have been a roller coaster for me!!

Aswell as being a DJ  i do alot of work with young people….. so with a lady called Kamilah (If You dont Know Search Got Skills On facebook)  we created an initiative called ‘ONE MIC ONE LIFE’ & the aim is to challenge and help reduce gun & knife crime in our community in a head on No Nonsense approach! It started last year with a showcase aimed at 13-19 yr olds to firstly to help raise awareness..acts included BASHY, CHIPMUNK, IRONIK, NU BRAND FLEXX, SNAKEYMAN, JCX & SLICK, BABATUNDE Plus MORE… The event was a huge success with over 300 young people in attendance!

Check The Vid Below For The footage:

So we did another one this year to follow up… which was LAST friday  just gone Acts this year included DONAEO, TRIBAL MAN, WRETCH 32, NU BRAND FLEXX, DARNELL (BIG BRO),  MARVELL Ft DOUBLE S, KEVIN J, A DOT PLus LOADS MORE The event was Even Bigger then last years with over 400 young people in attendance! I just hope the young people that attended take away the positive message that we got across on the night. But it doesnt stop there.. from september we will be hosting a monthly Forum where we will be uniting young people who are risk of offending, Police, Connexions, local government & convicted criminals all together in one room so together we can help come up with viable solutions that will actually help solve the problem we have as a community! If You would like to be involved in the forums…. Message me on Facebook: ‘Stretchinald Tunji’ Or Call me on 07944 123450


After this event I Was on such a high because alot of HARD WORK had been put into it  & it was sooo successful & ran smoothly but I was sadly brought back to earth when i was called at 7am the following morning by a friend who let me know that one of my people Charmz a.k.a Carl Beatson was stabbed & killled outside a nightclub!! I was in shock & still am… its crazy how life can be taken away from you so quickly!

I just want to say… R.I.P Charmz… & even though your not here anymore brother  im gna still push Your Tune as hard as i can just as you asked me too fam!!

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