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We’ve all used and heard the term “hater” over the last several years. In some cases, the term is often overused, however, it sums up the sentiment of people who have a hard time expressing joy for one’s accomplishments, congratulating a proposal or having something good to say about someone. As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, but that’s virtually impossible for so many. Do you know a hater, or struggle with being a hater yourself. LiveSteez aked a group of people what a “hater” is and does.  Check out these top 10 signs and decide for yourself.


1.) “A hater is someone who wears really thick glasses because they’re blinded by the hate. Can’t see past all that hate, hate, hate. That’s a hater. Just playing,  normally haters are that by nature, and can’t really help it. They’ve been taught to hate, or they are comfortable hating for whatever reason. Really, if you don’t hate, you have to love, and that’s not easy for some people to do”. – Lisa, 26, Mortgage Banker

2.) “A hater is someone who will focus on the negative aspects of a really great person. Say, someone is 99 percent awesome but one percent whatever, a hater will dig at that small percentage of someone, who for the most part, is pretty cool. but they can’t see past that iota of not so great.” – Mary, 29 Webmistress

3.)”Basically a hater is a jealous mothafucka who don’t have shit, but wants yours. They’re jealous of what you got, for no real reason. For example, a dude will talk shit about another dude’s girl because he wants her or don’t have one for himself. That’s a hater.” -Roy, 31, Telecom Director

4.) “Somebody who wants what you have for themselves. But they’re lazy asses with no drive. Like some of my old hater friends would say to me ‘oh you’re lazy, you don’t go to work until 11’ or ‘you don’t have a real job,’ When I made more money than all of them! I still worked hard, I just work smart and for myself, and that’s why we’re no longer friends because they were hating so hard.” -Keisha, 27, Personal Shopper

5.) “A hater is a B.A.N.- a bitch-ass-nigga. Most of the time a hater, or B.A.N., lacks certain qualities that they wish to possess in some way, shape or fashion. So instead of, maybe striving to be a better man, they bitch up and start talking shit and bashing people for the very thing they wish to be. – Larry, 31, Custodial Operations

6.) “Hating is personal and non-objective. Haters will throw salt in your game, shit on you, knock your hustle, the whole nine and for what? I hate a hater, man. But that’s not to be confused with me not liking someone or something. Like if I say, I don’t like that shirt dude has on, I just don’t like the shirt. But if I say look at that corny ass shirt that dude got on, then I’m hating.”  -Charles, 24, Entrepreneur

7.) ” A hater is someone who is jealous of you or wants to be like you. They might want to hang out with you, but instead of saying that, they turn their nose up. My perfect description of a hater is someone who says, ‘yea, I like her outfit, but…’ instead of saying ‘I like her outfit’ and leaving it there.” -Sasha, 25, Hair Stylist

8.) ” A hater is someone who doesn’t like to see anyone with better talent, smarts, prosperity or success than they themselves have. They think everybody should be stupid and lame like them. Here’s what a hater does, a hater will hear that her best friend is getting married, congratulate them, but say behind her back say, ‘well, I don’t know how they’ll pay for it because he’s a broke ass.’ Or something like that.” – Lori, 29, Marketing Manager

9.) “A hater is someone who hates on anyone or a group of people for the hell of it. But, a “player hater” is a hater who outwardly dislikes somebody specifically. Like a girl might be hating on her friend because she’s thinner or makes more money or dates hot men. But people shouldn’t hate because it’s not nice and a total waste of time.” -Nina, 22, Student

10.) “Aw man, you know a hater when you ask someone something and they preface their answer with ‘I mean,’ then it’s ‘I mean I like you’re hair, but.’ There’s always a but or an awkward pause after that ‘I mean.’ I don’t really know how to define a hater, but all I know is I don’t want them in my circle. They’re always the one in your group of friends that stir shit up and keep it stinking. Running around talking about everybody. That’s just not cool, don’t hate people, it’s not cool.” – Michelle, 30, Editor


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