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If you keep up with my blog you would’ve read what the ladies had to say… Now here’s some male opinions on Case Of The EX!!


When you end a romantic relationship, does it have to mean that you can’t remain friends?   Let’s be real, sometimes things don’t work out but you can still care for a person and not be involved.  With that said, do you have to cut off all ties when you enter into a new relationship.  Sometimes since ya’ll didn’t work out, your ex can actually help you out with your new relationship and help you avoid the pitfall which caused the two of you to break up.

LiveSteez asked a group of fellas if they felt it was OK for their significant others or them to maintain a relationship with their former partners.  Here’s what they had to say:

It’s all about trust.  Either it’s there or it ain’t.  As longs as no disrespectful borderline is crossed, I see nothing wrong with it.  Now if they’re talking every week, then there’s obviously something wrong.  But you never know, my ex is real good with computers and programming so when I have a question and need some things answered, I won’t hesitate to call.  She’s in a relationship and so am I, but we didn’t end our relationship in some explosive manner so we occasionally call and check on each other. Just cause the relationship aspect of the friendship didn’t work out doesn’t mean you have to banish each other from your lives forever. – Henry, 31, Retail Associate

Nah.  I don’t play that. Why does she have to keep in contact with someone from her past?  If it’s over, it’s over. She wouldn’t like if I had an ex calling. In life, relationships end and you move on.  By keeping an open relationship, I feel as you’re keeping the door slightly cracked and have the potential to slip back in.  Like Lenny Kravitz said, “It ain’t over till its over.” So if there’s an open line of communication, then something clearly ain’t over. – Anthony, 35, Long Distance Truck Driver

That’s why I don’t deal with insecure women. Just because you stopped dating someone doesn’t mean that you can’t speak from time to time. The relationship may be over and didn’t work out between ya’ll but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to see them doing well and being happy. I’ve met my wife’s ex a few times and they still work together. It’s nothing going on between them but I would think she was crazy if she walked by this person weekly and pretended like he didn’t exist.  You can’t erase the past plus being an ass about the situation could make her run back to her ex. – Larry, 31, Booking Agent

If there are children involved then that goes without saying that a relationship has to be maintained but other than that, no. All ties should be cut. If ya’ll are over then ya’ll are over. Move on. In the back of my mind, I know it’s a few women I could get back with and take from their man.  So, I would be a fool to think that it couldn’t happen to me. – James, 30, High School Math Teacher

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