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This is a very interesting debate i found online!! I want to know peoples thoughts!! i dont think its as simple as some of the responses below have made out!!


Okay ladies, do you have a man, who has an ex, that he still communicates with? If so, how do you feel about it? At some point, you have to let the past be the past, right? And the whole principle behind the “ex” is supposed to be symbolic for a relationship that’s over and done with, so why are they still talking? Or let’s take it a step further, why do they still see each other? Some circumstances render obligatory communication and sightings, especially when there’s a child or children involved. But aside from that, what is the ex’s place in his life? Some men would call a woman insecure for even questioning his dealings with an ex, but is it insecurity, or just plain inappropriate and improper?

LiveSteez asked a group of women: Should your man’s ex have a place in his life?

It depends, if he has a child with someone else, then they have to communicate for the child’s sake and I’ll never interfere with that. But if he has an ex he’s still talks to, and I knew her and met her, and we could all hang out peaceably, then fine. But if he doesn’t want us to meet or he doesn’t want us talking or he doesn’t want me to know anything about her, hell no. What is there to hide? -Georgette, 35, Architect

I say no, emphatically. No way in hell would I be okay with my man talking to his ex all the time! I don’t buy the whole “we’re still friends” bit. All that says, is he’s not ready to move on. And you already know that once you get in a fight he’s going to go running to her for council, leaking all of personal details she should have no part of. I think you leave yourself open for her to come back and tell you all the things your doing wrong according to how she dealt with in the past! No! Never.  – Autumn, 29, Chef

See, this is all a result of women bending the rules of engagement too often. A man is going to do what he wants to do to begin with, but he’ll only go as far as you let him. So if you set the boundaries from the beginning, this would be a non-issue. If you say hey, I don’t like you talking to your ex-girlfriend, he should respect that and cease his communication with her, and you have to trust him to do that. If you have a man with kids, then he’s going to talk to his ex or exes, because they share a child, and you have to support that. But that takes a grown woman and a grown man to make that situation work, so choose wisely. -Barbara, 37, Florist

Uhhhh, I really don’t see a problem with it. If he’s still friends with her, what can I do about that? But let’s be fair, if I have an ex I keep in touch with, it is going to be a problem with him? Men always want amenities they’re not willing to reciprocate! If I had an ex that I talked to and saw occasionally, he would be suspect, naturally. But if he does it, I’m just supposed to understand and if I don’t, I’m tripping or insecure. Double standards! I personally don’t have a problem with it, but I bet my guy would. – Nikki, 24, IT Technician

Whats Your Opinion on This Subject??

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