Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

Ladies If theres One thing you do today!! Take 3 mins out of your life & listen to this girl… I’ve never heard a female talk so much sense in my life!!! Jeeez!!

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Below Is Alizae From Raw Vybez Top Ten Tips On How To Stop A REAL MAN cheating… This is soooo Real I AGREE with every single point.. So Ladies PAY ATTENTION!!

REAL man cheating (no saving waste men sorry ladies)

(1) Start as you mean to go on = if you want a real meaningful relationship build a friendship.

(2) hold out on sex.

(3)) Have full trust in your man dont act up over irelevent things and throw acusations with out proof.

(4) Be open in the bed room, what you wont do a next girl will. (read below.)

5) Keep the romance alive be spontaneus,

(6) Allow your man to be the man in the reletionship,do not undermine his manhood you will just make your self an enemy.

(7) Watch how you talk.Read More

(8) say when you have a problem dont allow it to fester and build up resentment.

(9) Fuck what your friends have to say.

(10) last but no least you have to be close with you mans mum if you aint it prob will never work.

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