Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

For all my ravers looking to reach Ayia Napa this year!! u got to be EXTRA careful!


Eight new cases of swine flu were recorded yesterday in Cyprus, all near Ayia Napa.

The number of cases stood at 48 yesterday, while two more were confirmed in the Turkish controlled north.

Ahmet Kasif, the Turkish Cypriot official in charge of health matters said yesterday that all appropriate measures to avoid transmission of the virus are being taken and thermal cameras have been installed at checkpoints.

Meanwhile, Cyprus Health Minister Christos Patsalides has ordered hospital staff to take all necessary protection measures.

He also met with representatives from the island’s tourism sector to discuss ways of dealing with the virus during the peak time of tourism.
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Comments on: "Ayia Napa Centre Of Swine Flu Outbreak" (15)

  1. The Swine flu “outbreak” over here really isnt as bad as they make out ! Trus ! 2 people i know got it , they took the medicine’s and now they’re fine. People are just freaking out . . . the smallest thing like a cough or a sneeze and people are running around saying they got it. Anyways wicked blog !

  2. terri guy said:

    Yes, there has been a total of about 80 cases of swine flu confirmed in the whole of Cyprus now, but compare that with around 7500 in London alone, and many more in the rest of the UK, you’re more likely to catch it back in the UK than on holiday in Ayia Napa.

    • Napa may have less cases than london I do agree, but as the season has just began the spreading begins. Now I came back from aiya napa on wednesday 8th and out of 6 of us 4 have swin flu. Now being detected in the uk that goes on our figures not cypruses. With the majority of aiya napas clubs pubs and hotels having air con spreading the disease and the clubs themselves always becoming packed full of ravers is there any wonder its started to spread like crazy.

  3. Is evry were in ayai napa closed? thats what iv heard and me and my friends are coming over in 12 dayss ! im staying for a month and will be gutted if all the clubs are shut !!

  4. Went out there with 10 of my friends and well all got it. Just got back this morning 5am. Nothing out there is closed, everything is still going on as normal but people are dropping like fly’s out there. One girl in our hotel was rushed to hospitial. It ain’t nice. Also the AC in the hotel rooms dont help at all.

  5. Abby Wilkinson said:

    I’ve just heard that ayia napa is closed? how can they close a city? does anyone know anything about this i go in 5 days, and its not on any websites or anything as of yet so is this all bulls**T?

  6. To sofia…. Just got back from Napa yesterday. It is not closed!!! The only nights its quiet and closes early is a Sunday and Wednesday night as its change over night! You will have a wicked time and not want to come home…. Yes swine flu is going around but if you start to get sick go straight to the doctors. He is sooooo friendly and helpfull and will give you the medicine you need. If you have air con dont put it any lower than 25 as that is what is causing some of the flu……its con flu not swine flu!!! Hope this helps….. have a great time, its amazing out there!

  7. Zorba The Turk said:

    Na mate all the clubs are open and everything is banging as usually!

  8. Just booked my hol, goin out in two weeks time, I’m sure people are exagerating! I get a sore throat every time I’m go on hol, usually due to air con and ravin lol! Anyway I’m a teacher and recently there’s been 150 students absent from my school with susspected swine flu so surely I was just as likely if not more likey to egt in in north london espacially workin with kids??? I’m gonna rave hard!!

  9. hi.

    im going out 2 napa in 4 weeks and im getting really paranoid about swine flu. is it really as bad as they are making out??

  10. I’m really worried too, going 6th Aug! Thinking of going to another resort now as can’t change flights. Know someone who came back yesterday and said people were wearing masks in the clubs and that loads of people had come down with it.

    Really want to go, but don’t know if should if its that bad. Anyone just got back? Out there? and know whats happening?

  11. miss.jones75 said:

    Well, SF is spreading all around…use the garlic and don`t worry…it`s naturally antibiotic that kill the MTF SF 😉

    …people are immunes as cockroaches & rats together


  12. joshua grima said:

    wer coming on the 14’aug hope that things come better before we come ther

  13. joshua grima said:

    wer coming on the 14’aug hope that things come better before we come.hope that every one engoy his holidays

  14. monica sutta said:

    im goin on the 13 of aug and by far i don’t think that am gonna get infected this is all bullshit nothin is gonna happen to me :$:$

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