Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

How pissed would you be if this was you!! PIK N MIX FAMILY’s DJ O.P is Originally from Manchester & his number is very similar to the one given out in the track…. I can only think of how his mum would’ve reacted if everyone started calling his house!! lololol

SOULJA BOY fans have bombarded a British family with phone calls – after the rapper featured their telephone number in a song. The hip-hop star included the digits, which are not listed in the British telephone directory, on his hit track Kiss Me Thru The Phone.
Ever since the song was released in the U.K. in May (09), a couple from Lancashire, England, has received around 60 calls a day from fans hoping to speak to the star.
If Soulja Boy’s followers had dialled the featured number with the American dialling code in front then they would have been put through to a recorded message from the singer.

Courtesy Of: ContactMusic


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