Im Not Even A DJ……..Im An Entertainer!

OK… The UK FUNKY movement.. is a very touchy subject at the moment a lot of people LOVE IT… But there are some That HATE IT…. PEEK this new Vid…. Then we’ll discuss More….

So What do you think? Is UK FUNKY here to stay or just a passing faze?? When u see tunes like Swine Flu Skank can you really take the artist seriously? or is it an ingenious idea to generate interest?? I

Personally im in two minds!! I love some of the skank songs but then some of them im like “What were you thinking???” I want to Know what the People think??

Holla @ Ya Boy!!!

Comments on: "UK FUNKY MOVEMENT?? HIT OR MISS???" (2)

  1. The skanks are starting to get boring. Nobody can deny it. They won’t last long once summer is done.

  2. yerrrr yuur rite deyy rele are gettinn boringgg :/

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